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Collecting sports cards is a great hobby. We have been collectors since the late 1990's. 1996 Score baseball was the first set we chased, back when packs (and boxes) could be found at KB Toys stores in your local mall. As our collections grew, we began searching for an easy way to track our growing collections. With no simple checklist solutions available, we designed our own. Various iterations of checklists were designed, with the current version being our best.

We are here to offer our checklists, as well as sports cards and sports memorabilia. We have operated a brick and mortar store in the past, in addition to our continued success selling on eBay - check out Checklist Central & Abby's Sports. Shopify now offers us another viable avenue for selling our products. We are excited about the opportunity to expand our footprint further into the digital world by offering our checklists via digital downloads.

As we expand our business from traditional eBay selling into the Shopify world, we hope you will join us and let us know how we can improve what we do. We encourage you to offer your comments and questions. (We can't help you with the rising price of card boxes and cases, though. ;) Sorry.) Our new Facebook store will also be expanded and improved as quickly as we can manage. We still work for a living. 

Again, thank you for joining us on our journey. We hope you have as much fun as we will.

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